How much Tired is tired enough to “Sleep”

Life is about finding the right balance, I agree. But how do you do that in every aspect, won’t it be called overbalancing?

I have experienced that I sleep the best when I am physically exhausted or tired. Just need to lay flat and I’m asleep. But there are days, like today.

I mean i am so tired that I can’t sleep! I mean what the hell!

Gotta be tired just the right amount from the next time, so that I can get some sleep.

All of you must be having that one hairdresser/barber who is your ‘go to’ person! Only for Haircuts! I hope!

There is one fact though, about this person which puzzles me…. WHY don’t they have an amazing haircut? I mean, over the years I have seen barbers don’t really have the greatest of haircuts! The work of that person might be amazing, but not his own haircut!!

Is is some business strategy? Or I haven’t been to good salons?

Love watching Murder mysteries!

If there is any genre of movies or shows which I absolutely love to watch, it is murder mysteries. In reality, I’m the most scaredy cat kinda person you’ll ever find. But there is something about these type of films or shows that attracts me.

What amazes or shocks me is the psychology of the individual. I mean, pick up any case or show involving serial killings. They seem to lead a normal life from outside. Most of the times, you will see that they have an impactful past, some incidents which have serially occurred in…

The good ol’ 90s and early 2000s. What an imperfectly perfect decade to live in. It was the time of transition. When the old and new were not far away. They were yet to be seperated from each other.

And me being a 90s kid, I enjoyed the best of both worlds. I was always fond of cartoons, I still am, at 29!! A major factor for keeping me glued to the bulky television set was Cartoon Network. The cartoons were not very advanced in terms of Graphic or visual content. But they were pretty high on story/concept/writing/humor content.


After 28 years of existence on this planet, I think “ENOUGH SPACE” is a myth in my house. I think it might be the same in most of Indian Middleclass households!!! Isn’t it???? No? No? Yes!!!

I had a single door fridge in my house which used to be jampacked like the peak hour traffic of Mumbai!! Tastes and fragrances of different foodstuff kept inside would amalgamate with each other and everthing had bit of flavour borrowed from the food kept next to it! Taking out something out of it was like playing Jenga! The sheer chaos!

Fun fact: The…

I have 2 wall clocks in my house. None of them show the exact timing. They are 10 minutes ahead! It is a weird habit with many households. Does this happen only in India?

Most wall clocks are kept either late or early. I find it fucked up because when i want to look at the time, i have to calculate according to how the clock is adjusted. Most of the times, I forget that the clock is not accurate!!

It also shows that people don’t trust themselves with punctuality-such an underrated quality!!!!

Shit!! I’m 10minutes past my bedtime. Ohh sorry, stupid clock!!! Gotta adjust the timing NOW!

“Sleep well”, “Sleep tight”, “sleep like a baby”!!!!!

I mean, come on… I don’t understand what is all this fuss about. Yes it is important to sleep, but that is it. People are so obsessed with sleeping. They feel all new and their skin glows and what not!

Too much eh? Apparently not!!!! I am a light sleeper. Not just light, i’m feather light. Come within 10cms close to me and il get up knowing someone is in the radius! No, i’m not an enlightened soul or a ninja!

I suck at sleeping!

But there are days, where i “Sleep…

You matter and you don’t. Life has a funny way of giving and also giving it back to you. Success and failures complement each other, accept both with a big heart. What matters is, if you have grown through both. Success can be a dangerous mirage, the same thing can be said about failure too.

Let success humble you and failure encourage you!

Learn, grow, love and then the inevitable!

I think you should not encourage or even expect an applause if you are good human being. I mean, isn’t that a bare necessity. You are a human, you are expected to behave humane!!

The bar of humanity is so low, that even basic necessary qualities are rewarded. The good should be normalized.

But then, who decides how much good is good enough?

Athaang Gawade

Anxiously calm about life!

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